Having a reely great time fishing in the Bay of Plenty

Impressions by Calley Hoffman.

"I've been to the coast many times in my life and have done many activities on and around the ocean. Fishing is a common pastime in Indiana, which is usually done by sitting on a dock or in a small fishing boat. Deep sea fishing is something I’ve never really thought about doing. I envisioned reeling in huge marlin, maybe even a shark or two. I figured that the chance of seeing whales and dolphins was pretty high, and that it was going to be a very exciting fishing day on the water.

Mike was waiting for me at the pier a little before 9am. While passing by Mauao, we saw two dolphins swim by, which was a very exciting moment for me. Patience combined with a positive attitude resulted in the rain subsiding, and allowed us to get to work. Mike assured us that fishing in the Bay of Plenty is the best in the country, as well as a year-round activity. He also mentioned that there are great charter options.

To be very honest, I was really nervous that a huge fish was going to get a hold of my hook and I would lose my rod or fall in the water. Well, the first bite wasn’t quite that bad, but I did catch a barracuda on the first cast, and trying to reel it in was quite the task. After we all got warmed up, we were continually pulling in snapper, and even managed a John Dory.

For a fun activity on a cool day, and leaving with some fresh fish for dinner, this was a great way to spend the day.

I will definitely be hitting the water again in the hope for pulling in marlin or a shark when the weather warms up."

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