The first Christmas Fishing charter for Sunfish 1 in the Bay of Plenty

Christmas Afloat!

Thank you for our Christmas Fishing Charter.
Our experienced skipper and knowledgeable crew made this a truly memorable experience.

Soon after leaving Tauranga harbour and heading out into the Bay of Plenty, the first of several skipjack and albacore tuna were caught. Carol landed her first ever fish (which we let go, as it’s good luck!). It seemed to work as over the two days we caught many more tuna, plus yellowtail kingfish, terakihi, blue cod, pink mau mau, snapper, rainbow wrasse, trevally and kahwai! Amazing.

We really enjoyed our special Christmas afloat. The food was excellent and after dinner we enjoyed all the comforts of home watching a DVD in the air-conditioned salon.

Our Boxing Day encounters with the Kahwai ‘bait balls' was a bonus. Then the distinctive tail fin of a Marlin, - wow! Although we didn’t catch one, something BIG caught up with the live skipjack tuna bait, - as only the head was left when we reeled it in. Then with a skipjack just hooked, the shark coming (not once, but twice) to also reduce my tuna to just the head - was really exciting.

This trip has been the highlight of our 3 week holiday.
It’s been great value for money and we will definitely do this again. We will never forget these experiences.

THANK YOU. Robert & Carol, High Wycombe, U.K.